My name is Kristy Jorgensen...

I started Smart Kiddo Care because I became aware of the increasing need families have for these services. My 12+ years of experience have taught a vast wealth of information and given me the capabilities of providing these reliable services to hard-working parents and families.

Aside from being a dedicated nanny, I have also taken the role of: personal assistant, house manager, housekeeper, organizer, teacher, chef, mentor, support system and a valuable resource to any family I have come across. All these jobs have helped shape my various and diverse traits and skills, and better prepared me for working closely with kids and families.

With over 13 years experiance taking care of children and families, I am passionate about he health of children and being a mentor to any family. My experience and reliability can easily be confirmed by multiple references from previous families I have cared for and provided services for, as well as people that can attest to my character as a driven individual. I am a very motivated person and will make sure that your needs as well as my services are completed with the utmost detail.

I look forward to meeting your every need!

Thank You


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