There are so many books in the market nowadays – each claiming their version is the “right” way to get things done. At Smart Kiddo Care, we are specially trained to find what works for you and your family.

Our designed professionals are specialized to guide and prepare new parents, expectant parents of multiples, high-end executives, adoptions, executive women, and even grandparents for their new arrivals. Based upon much education, research and personal experience we can provide you with valuable guidance and ensure you’re feeling confident throughout your journey. We know the ins and outs of toy stores, baby registries and everything baby, to ensure the best for you and your little one. We help families eliminate the guess-work and empower you to make the best decisions for your growing family. We offer a la carte services or full packages to better fit your needs and also take care of any other concerns or obstacles that come your way.


• Overwhelmed parents
• Working moms
• Moms on bed rest
• Families expecting multiples
• Families who want expert advice
• Parents who need an extra hand
• You!



• Nursery Decorator
• Furniture that suites your need
• Professional Furniture Assembly
• Complete Stock and organization
• Guide to an Efficient Room
• Baby Proofing


• Returning to Work with Peace
• Establishing Your Routine
• Baby Sleep Planning


• Get Organized
• A Day of Errands
• A Day to Relax (Scheduling)


• Info package of Eco- Friendly Products
• Going Green nursey
• Full stock of toxin Free Baby Products
• Homemade Organic Baby Food    Instruction


• Finding a Hospital, doctor & Doula
• Creating a Birth Plan
• Birthing Classing Consulting
• Hospital Tours
• Hospital Bag


• Yearly Consultation



• Guide to Toddler on the move Gear
• Help with finding local play groups
• Professional Baby Proofing
• Guide to local classes geared toward a    moving toddler


Everything for doubles or more!


• The where and what to wear
• Guide to a Great Registry
• Shop till you Drop
• We take care of returns and exchanges
• Delivery and putting together of baby    products


• Coming home consultation
• 24/7 phone line
• Breast feeding Guide
• Smart Kiddo Care 101


All your pregnancy needs and consulting to fit your specific desires.



• Recall Email or Phone List
• Baby Registry & Management
• Nursey Planning
• Baby Gear Consulting
• Baby Shower Planning
• Birth Announcement Ordering and    Mailing
• Birth Plan Consulting
• Green Baby Consulting
• Phone Consulting-24/7- Parent Support
• Personal Shopping for Mom and Baby
• The Multiple Guide
• Baby Proofing
• Custom Sleep Plans
• Cloth Diapers
• Going to Granparents
• Errand Day
• Establishing a routine
• Preschool Guide
• Car Seat Installation & Instruction    where we come to your house at a    time most convenient for you to teach    you, your spouse and/or anyone else    who will be transporting baby the   
   proper way to install your car seat.


• Photographers
• Prenatal Massage
• Childbirth/Parenting Education
• Children Classes
• Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness
• 4D Ultrasound
• Lactation Consultants, and more....


• Private one-on-one Parent-to-be and    New Parent education sessions in the    comfort of your home:
• Smart Kiddo Care 101 : Newborn care,    diapering, feeding, charting,    swaddling, baby wearing options, tips    on easing the transition home from the    hospital
• Creating Your Birth Plan
• New Sibling Arrival
• Mutliples- Questions
• Home made Organic Food, How to:
• Sleep Routines
• Nursery Layout & Planning
• Going Green
• Latest Trends and Fashions
• Hospital/birth center preparation
• Maternity leave preparation
• Adoption
• Baby is home! Baby care and creating    systems and new routines around baby
• Going back to work.
• How to Wean?


Give us a call and we will discuss how we can help meet your needs!

We also offer Gift certificates which make wonderful baby shower gifts!