Many people do not realize ...

There are thousands of germs and grim that hide in strollers, car seats and other baby products. Smart Kiddo Care uses Eco-friendly baby-safe products to deep clean, sanitize and remove harmful germs. We offer fast and effective services to save you time and keep your baby safe. By using our service, it can make your common baby used items last longer. We recommend getting a deep clean of all your baby items every two months. In case of emergency situations we are here to help!

As part of our Clean&Tidy area of expertise we also offer an organizing zone, geared towards helping families stay organized and on top of their busy lives. We listen to your needs, rid your house of broken, un-used toys and make rooms, play rooms and other areas of the house efficient, organized, clean and tidy.



• Vacuum
• Sanitization Steam Clean
• Stain scrub detail
• Canopy & undercarriage Gentle Clean
• Frame & wheel Polish and Shine
• Wheel lubrication
• Quick Dry


• Vacuum
• Sanitization Steam Clean
• Stain Scrub Detail
• Frame Polish and Shine
• Quick Dry


• Upholstery Sanitization Steam Clean
• Stain Scrub Detail
• Frame Hand wash scrub & sanitization
• Chair Sanitization & Hand wash
• Quick Dry


Sanitation and polish of germy toys


Consultation and suggestions on how to get your play room, kid’s room organized ie: how to: sort toys, label cubbies, make a room more spacious and efficient etc. to make the play area a fun, safe, clean, and organized environment.

Need more help than a consultation? For an additional fee we will get your toy room looking organized and spot less.


Room already organized with designated cubbies and places for toys, games, and books etc? After time toys slowly start to get placed in the wrong spot, puzzle pieces go missing and what once was a organized toy area becomes a disaster.
With our organized package we offer:

• Re-sort toys to designated spots
• Find missing puzzle pieces, small game pieces etc. as best as possible
• Make the toy area, organized and clean

*With Toy sanitation & The Toy Organized packages we will offer free removal of old toys and clothes and donate to Good Will*


Clean & sanitize rooms and kids Products


Stroller- $85.00

Double Stroller -$120.00

Car Seat – $45.00

High Chair-$35.00
*Also Sanitize pack n plays and other children’s items etc. Ask for Quote

Toy Sanitation-* Varies on amount of toys & time needed ( Usually between $40- $75)

Toy Organization( Already Organized just needs to be de-cluttered & resorted)
*Varies on room size and time needed

Toy Organization Consultation- 30 min consultation- $35.00

Emergency fee of 25$ - Cleaning the uh-oh's with in the same day!

Get Organized Package (We take care of the organizing!)
* Varies on time needed

Call for quote on are Pre-school package as it may vary on room size

*Ask About our Bundle Packages*