Let us help you with a playroom design that works. ...

Playrooms made easy, learning made fun and creative spaces for growing little ones.


Playroom Designs, Specific to your needs and wants and more importantly specific to your children’s needs.


Children transitioning from baby phase to toddler? Toddler to Preschool, or maybe now there is a new arrival and you need a playroom to accommodate both ages. We will help you remove toys that aren’t age appropriate and remodel the playroom to your children’s needs.


We will stock the playroom with age appropriate toys, tools, resources and educational activities to help them grow and develop to their full potential.


Sanitation and polish of germy toys


Consultation and suggestions on how to get your play room, kid’s room organized ie: how to: sort toys, label cubbies, make a room more spacious and efficient etc. to make the play area a fun, safe, clean, and organized environment.

Need more help than a consultation? For an additional fee we will get your toy room looking organized and spot less.


Room already organized with designated cubbies and places for toys, games, and books etc? After time toys slowly start to get placed in the wrong spot, puzzle pieces go missing and what once was a organized toy area becomes a disaster.
With our organized package we offer:

• Re-sort toys to designated spots
• Find missing puzzle pieces, small game pieces etc. as best as possible
• Make the toy area, organized and clean

*With Toy sanitation & The Toy Organized packages we will offer free removal of old toys and clothes and donate to Good Will*

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