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• keeping children safe and giving back to the community

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We were so happy with our service. Kristy spent the time helping us assess our needs and truly understanding our birth options, along with easing our mind with the overwhelming emotions on the idea of having twins! Once our twins became toddlers, we re- used Smart Kiddo Care and were amazed with the fast paced service on the rest of our baby proofing needs as well as giving us the resources for classes, local parenting groups, and setting up sleep routines when transitioning to big boy beds.

The Roberts , Rancho Santa Fe, CA.Read More


We listen to your needs, rid your house of broken, un-used toys and design rooms, play rooms and make other areas of the house efficient, organized, clean and tidy.Read More


Choosing a nanny for the children
is an important and delicate task.
It requires insight, balanced judgment
and an ability to read character.
The way to find a proper nanny,
is to go about it in a proper fashion.

George Banks
17 Cherry Tree Lane
Londand, England
Mary Poppins.
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